Waterproofing Melbourne  can help in waterproofing ponds and water features. Waterproofing Melbourne can spray-on a lining that is made on-site through a purpose-built spray unit, to the internals of the pond or water feature that will adhere like the proverbial. Being fast drying, the water feature can be filled with water an hour later. There is no smell, the lining is fish safe, and will not crack, tear or shrink.

Waterproofing Melbourne have the ideal pond lining. It will not lift like a liner. The pond liner will not crack like epoxies do and it will move with the substrate.

Although the product dries to a solid, it will never go hard or brittle. Having 350% elongation, this means for every 1mm of linings sprayed in the pond, it will stretch 3.5 times that.

The lining used by Waterproofing Melbourne will not house mould, mildew or fungus. It is non-porous. This means the lining in the pond will not get dirty. If any residue does sit on the lining, it can be easily brushed off without any effort.