Waterco  recently unveiled its new Zane Gulfpanel – the most recent addition to Zane’s range of solar products. The new solar pool heating solution compliments the Zane Gulfstream which is the original strip absorber form of solar pool heating.

Extensive research, development and testing have gone into the refinement of Zane Gulfpanels, which are precision injection-moulded from a high-trade formulated polymer chosen for its outstanding heat transfer properties and outstanding durability.

The Gulfpanel system is also able to withstand extreme weather conditions thanks to the design and construction and it is also capable of resisting bird and wildlife attacks.
These solar pool heating systems are also simple to install and are UV stabilised.

Gulfstream strip absorbers are ideal for custom installations on multiple and odd shaped roofs because they cover the whole roof surface. The Gulfpanel solution is best suited to standard roof configurations and they are simple to install.

An advanced computer sizing program is used to calculate and determine the ideal solution. A cost-effective tailored solution provided to suit the specifics of the pool such as size, location, specific conditions, desired temperature, and the unique requirements of the owner regarding swimming seasons.

The solar pool heating system has numerous benefits including a modular design that is simple and quick to install, as well as rigidity which makes it capable of withstanding bird and animal attack.

All Gulfpanel modules feature a multitude of miniature solar absorber tubes, maximising the surface area that is exposed to the sun. They have also been moulded, meaning that the dimensions of the strips have been minimised, increasing the exposed surface area to the sun. Each panel is a solid, one-piece construction without joins, and each panel is connected by a barrel union system which is unique to Waterco.

Zane Gulfpanel solar pool heating systems also have a computerised solar controller that will ensure the pool’s temperature is constantly monitored without the need for direct supervision.