Many areas in Australia have hard water supplies. Signs of hard water include scale build up on hot water elements and pipes, yellowish stains on sinks and bathtubs, and if soaps and detergents form curds and do not lather.

The undesirable effects of hard water can be grouped into two major categories (1) damage to water-using equipment and (2) interference with everyday household operations such as laundering, cooking and bathing.

Water heating is a constant operation in every home and hard water builds up scale inside the heaters. The scale acts as insulation building on the internal surfaces, including the electric elements. This insulation stops the heat reaching the water it is intended to heat and the excess heat burns out elements much faster than normal conditions.

Home laundries are where the householder notices many of the problems. The advantages of soft water in providing better washing action cutting soap and detergent costs and saving equipment, are so pronounced that no commercial laundry would operate in even slightly hard water areas without installing water softeners. 

Waterco offer Commandomatic Water Softeners that eliminate the effects of hard water by extracting the dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals via ion exchange, producing softened water for the whole house.

Once a Commandomatic Water Softener is installed, differences that will become apparent will include:

  • Soap and shampoo will lather better
  • No soap scum or mineral deposits will be left sinks, showers, tubs and toilets
  • Clothes will come out softer, cleaner, whiter and brighter
  • Soft water will increase the life of clothing, towels and linens
  • Dishes and glasses will clean up more easily
Money savings may also be achieved:

  • Extend the useful life of hot water service and water appliances (e.g. dishwasher, washing machine), by eliminating scale build up.
  • Use less electricity. The reduction of scale deposits increases the efficiency of water appliances and decreases energy bills.
  • Use up to 50% less soap. Softened water allows soaps to lather better and clean more effectively.