Waterco  introduces the new Ezysoft water softener to its diverse range of water treatment products.

Hard water that typically contains excess minerals or metals such as calcium and iron may be generally safe to use but can cause myriad problems such as reduced cleaning efficiency, increased energy costs, and higher appliance use. Water softeners remove these mineral concentrations in hard water and offer several benefits to homeowners.

Victor Quijada, Waterco’s water treatment product manager explains that water softeners are required in areas with traditionally high calcium and magnesium content in water. For instance, Mount Gambier in South Australia has water supplied from the Blue Lake, containing a hardness of 250ppm. Soft water contains 0-60ppm.

Some of the adverse effects of using hard water include the formation of lime scaling in pipes, water heaters, boilers and air conditioning systems that causes inefficiency and can lead to permanent damage. Hard water impacts heat transmission, often causing premature heater failure due to overheating of the metal. Additionally, hard water increases soap consumption, wasting up to 90% of the soap used in addition to causing the formation of soap curd, which adheres to cloth fibres, hair, glassware and dishes, and may also hold pathogenic bacteria.

Waterco’s Ezysoft is a water softening device featuring a semi-automatic design that helps remove calcium hardness from water easily and economically. The device is usually installed before a water heater and comes with a bypass to allow the unit to be isolated for maintenance.

The easy-to-use device does not require electricity to operate while helping homeowners to save energy in water heating systems and appliances, resulting in lower energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Key benefits of Ezysoft water softeners: 

  • Extends appliance and equipment life by preventing build-up of minerals on the inside of appliances
  • Faster water heating with softened water, improving efficiency by 22% for electric water heaters and 29% for gas-powered units
  • Reduced energy consumption results in significantly lower energy bills
  • Cleaner plumbing system by eliminating corrosive scaly deposits from hard water in plumbing fixtures and pipes
  • Reduced mineral deposits help eliminate adverse effects of clogs and corrosion, extending the life of the plumbing system
  • Minimal discharges to the environment using a low ratio salt/resin when compared with standard resins
  • Uses a resin with beads of uniform size that increase operating capacity when compared with standard resins
  • Does not require electricity