International swimming pool and water treatment specialist Waterco Ltd is now a major distributor of the award-winning Ecoskim, a range of eco-friendly pool skimming devices.  

A recent recipient of the Smart Approved Watermark Consumer Product of the Year 2011, the Ecoskim attaches to existing pool skimmer boxes to allow for greater fluctuations in pool water levels caused by evaporation and heavy rainfall without compromising on water quality.  

Waterco group marketing director, Bryan Goh explains that Ecoskim pool skimmers reduce or eliminate the practice of topping up pool water, adding that the device ensures pool water is skimmed adequately during heavy rainfall rather than purge the excess water.   

Ecoskim pool skimming devices are capable of skimming water while simultaneously operating a suction cleaner to clean the pool’s floor and walls without impeding its skimming action. Without the Ecoskim, a suction cleaner would block off the skimmer and prevent it from skimming the surface of the pool.  

Conventional pool skimmer boxes operate within a maximum 70mm water level fluctuation window but the Ecoskim is capable of operating as water levels fluctuate up to 350mm. This feature enables Ecoskim to maintain water levels for up to six months of zero rainfall before topping up is necessary.  

Ecoskim pool skimming devices enable stress-free pool maintenance by cleaning up the surface debris quickly and efficiently. Its enlarged weir holds more water than existing skimmer boxes and its flow strength is also much stronger.  

Describing Ecoskim as an innovative and sustainable pool product, which is set to change the way pools are managed worldwide, Goh points out that the skimmer literally saves pool owners tens of thousands of litres of water each year, and the corresponding cost in water charges.  

Ecoskim was developed by Paul deGroot and Mark Davies in Brisbane at the height of the recent water restrictions.  

Key benefits of Ecoskim pool skimming devices:  

  • Reduces or eliminates the need to top-up pools  
  • Saves thousands of litres of pool water each year
  • Significantly reduces pool maintenance by removing surface debris quickly and efficiently
  • Reduces the need to monitor pool water levels closely
  • Works in conjunction with other water saving devices
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Enables stress-free pool ownership