Waterco  introduces a new line of digital electric heaters featuring several advantages over their previous inline electric heaters range at a lower price point.  

The new Digiheat digital electric heaters feature a compact streamlined shape, horizontal orientation, lightweight construction and soft, rounded edges.  

Digiheat’s digital control panel provides a continuous digital pool temperature display and also incorporates an innovative self-diagnosis system that displays diagnostic error codes on the control panel.  

According to Bryan Goh, Waterco’s group marketing director, the electric heater was rebuilt from the ground up, using a more durable heating element and replacing the steel housing with non-corrosive, UV-stabilised thermoplastic to increase longevity.  

In addition to user-friendly functions, the new Digiheat digital electric heaters incorporate built-in safety devices to prevent overheating with a special sensor, and shut down the system in the event of no water flow.    

Goh adds that the new Digiheat inline electric heaters are ideal for owners of spas who want a trouble-free product that allows them to derive maximum value out of their investment year round.  

Key features of Digiheat digital electric heaters:  

  • Available in single phase and three phase models
  • Polymer coated Incoloy alloy heating element improves corrosion resistance, increases heating efficiency and extends product life
  • Adjustable pressure switch to suit individual installation requirements
  • Quick connect unions for ease of set-up and maintenance  
  • Streamlined design
  • Non-corrosive, UV stabilised housing
  • Digital temperature display and self-diagnosis
  • Easy-to-operate, four-button programming
  • Built-in over temperature safety sensor prevents overheating
  • Available in a range of sizes: 4.8, 6.0, 18 and 24 kW