Waterco  have replaced their Hydyr5000 cast iron pump’s lid and strainer basket with a composite strainer basket, lock ring and lid. This advancement decreases the overall weight of the pump by approximately 10kg, but more importantly enables an instant view of the strainer basket, which was not possible through a cast iron lid.

The new lock ring incorporates easy grip handles, requiring no tools for simple removal and replacement of the polycarbonate lid.

Waterco’s next step is the total substitution of the strainer basket housing with composite material, which would result in significant weight reduction and improved corrosion resistance.

The Hydro5000 cast iron pump is a high performance, self-priming cast iron pump, designed for aquatic facilities, water parks and large commercial swimming pools.

The Hydro5000 cast iron pump is available from 4kW to 11kW and is capable of flow rates up to 2250 litres per minute.