Waterco’s stainless steel pump is the first hybrid of its kind. The pre-strainer is constructed from glass filled thermoplastic, while its impeller and volute are constructed from grade 316 stainless steel, ensuring a high level of durability in corrosive environments.

The pump has quiet operation at an average of 66dB for the 4.0kW model, and 74dB for the 5.5kW model. It can generate a maximum flow rate of approximately 1000lpm for the 4.0kW model, and 1600lpm for the 5.5kW model.

The pump can produce a high flow rate under increased head conditions. Also, it has a high quality weather proof motor. The pump’s motor shaft is made of grade 431 Stainless Steel.

A silicon carbide mechanical seal is available if required. This may be necessary for saltwater or other corrosive applications.