The MultiCyclone Ultra from Waterco is an ultra compact pool filtration system featuring third generation MultiCyclone technology.

Waterco's MultiCyclone Ultra boasts:

  • Zero backwashing
  • Easy installation
  • Maximised hydraulic efficiency;and
  • Reduced water and energy costs.

The MultiCyclone's design combines centrifugal and cartridge filtration in a single unit to produce cleaner water and reduce the overall pool equipment footprint.

  • Key features of MultiCyclone Ultra:
  • Compact size
  • Minimal flow restrictions and optimised water flow
  • Clear polycarbonate sediment chamber for easy view and access to the salt cell
  • Optional support stands;and
  • Ease of maintenance as MultiCyclone Ultra’s sediment chamber is easily cleaned by opening its purge valve.

More information about the MultiCyclone Ultra can be found on the Waterco website.