Waterco  recently released their new range of Opal – Hydrotuf Filtration Skid Packs.

Opal – Hydrotuf Filtration Skid Packs provide a hydraulically efficient and compact filtration system that features a premium high flow pump and a low maintenance, water saving cartridge filter, with the option of Waterco’s award winning MultiCyclone centrifugal pre-filter.

Opal – Hydrotuf Filtration Skid Packs work on the basis of centrifugal water filtration, and are designed with no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace. MultiCyclone collects up to 80% of incoming sediment before it reaches the filter. With only 20% of the dirt load reaching the Opal filter cartridge, maintenance is drastically reduced and only requires 15 litres of water to cleanse.

The MultiCyclone can reduce the cartridge filter’s cleaning frequency to once per swimming season. Extending the life of the Opal’s filter cartridge and saving water.

Opal – Hydrotuf Filtration Skid Packs are supplied with a Hydrotuf Pump and Opal Filter Cartridge mounted on a purpose-made, sturdy, plastic skid base with pre-assembled plumbing and valving, providing a simple and easy installation, and saving time and money.

Opal – Hydrotuf Filtration Skid Packs are high flow performance pumps that incorporate a premium lid and lock ring for easy access to an extra large capacity, 2.25 litre strainer basket, minimising pump maintenance.

The Opal cartridge filter is constructed from high impact polypropylene polymer and designed for easy maintenance. The Opal cartridge filters screw on lock ring allows simple access to the filter cartridge for removal, cleaning and installation within minutes.