Waterco , international swimming pool and water treatment systems specialist, has launched its new EnviroPro range. This line of water saving products is intended to help environmentally and budget conscious pool owners save water and energy whilst simultaneously reducing the time required to maintain their pool.  

Bryan Goh, group marketing director at Waterco Ltd, says about the EnviroPro range: “This is an holistic solution and is designed to address three key areas – energy efficiency, water conservation and convenience.”  

The new EnviroPro range consists of a select number of Waterco’s high quality, energy efficient and award-winning water treatment systems:  

Hydrostorm ECO pump
The low flow Hydrostorm ECO pump uses up to 70% less electricity than a regular pump and can also be switched to off peak electricity tariffs at night due to its quiet operation. Pool water clarity is also improved because of slow flow and better filtration.

BriteStream Multicoloured LED lights
These energy saving LED lights operate on 15% of the electrical power required for halogen equivalents.

Admiral robotic pool cleaners
Waterco’s next generation of energy efficient Admiral robotic pool cleaners can clean pools effortlessly in less than 3 hours, using just 80 watts of power - less power than required to illuminate one halogen pool light.

MultiCyclone pre-filter or MultiCyclone Plus pre-filter and filter combined
With the unique pre-filter MultiCyclone technology, pool owners can save thousands of litres of water per year and extend the life of their equipment at the same time.

Opal XL cartridge filter
This Opal XL cartridge filter can be combined with the EnviroPro Hydrostorm ECO pump, (rather than with a standard granular filter) to eliminate the need for regular backwashing saving both water and energy.

Micron ECO granular filter
The Hydrostorm ECO can also be combined with the new Micron ECO granular filter, which still allows pool backwashing, but using 30 per cent less water than a standard granular filter.