The MultiCyclone Plus centrifugal pre-filtration and filtration unit from Waterco recently took out the Best Product Award at SPATEX UK 2011. Judged by a panel of industry representatives, the award winners were also featured in the UK’s Pool & Spa Scene Magazine.

The MultiCyclone Plus all-in-one centrifugal pre-filtration and filtration system made an impact on the judging panel due to its water saving capabilities as well as its energy efficiency and streamlined design and size.

The original MultiCyclone pre-filter was first introduced back in 2007, and the MultiCyclone Plus advances the patented technology, combining the pre-filter with a built-in cartridge filter.

Additionally, its streamlined design means that the pool filtration system can be installed vertically on top of a standard pool pump. The MultiCyclone is capable of filtering up to 80 per cent of the dirt which would typically end up in the cartridge filter, and then drains it out. This helps to considerably reduce the frequency of filter maintenance, which requires just 15 litres of water to completely flush the filter.

MultiCyclone Plus swimming pool filtration systems can also cost effectively help to save between 7,000 and 20,000 litres of pool water every year.

Additional information on MultiCyclone pre-filtration and filtration systems is available from Waterco.