Litestream underwater lights from Waterco are a perfect accessory for pools, lighting the way for people and adding aesthetic value to a pool’s surroundings.

The underwater lights uses a 100 watt globe that lights up the entire pool via a specially designed lens which refracts the light without any discernible loss of brightness. With Litestream Underwater Lights a pool can be enjoyed 24 hours a day.

The Litestream underwater lights come with an additional blue screw-on lens. Red and green lenses are also available for separate purchase.

Maintaining the Litestream underwater lights are simply a matter of occasionally changing the globe. To make this job as trouble free as possible, the lights have been designed so that they can be easily removed from the water when the globe needs to be replaced.

A pool’s existing light can be easily replaced with the use of the Litestream’s Retrofit Kit which consists of a Retrofit Connector and an Universal Pool Light Adaptor.