Waterco presents the EnviroPro range that offers cost-effective and environmental solutions in home pool maintenance. The EnviroPro range also helps save energy and reduces the time it takes to maintain a pool.

"Pool owners are increasingly looking for ways to save time, water and energy when it comes to selecting the right pool equipment – and with that in mind we have put together the EnviroPro range," explains Bryan Goh, Group Marketing Director of Waterco.

"This is a holistic solution and is designed to address three key areas – energy efficiency, water conservation and convenience."

The EnviroPro range features a number of Waterco’s high quality and energy efficient water saving products including the latest energy efficient pool pump, MultiCyclone pre-filter, catriage and granular filters, LED lights, solar pool heaters and robotic pool cleaners.

The EnviroPro range includes:

  • Electroheat heat pumps
  • Hydrostorm ECO pump
  • Opal XL cartridge filter
  • Micron ECO granular filter
  • Admiral robotic pool cleaners
  • MultiCyclone pre-filter
  • MultiCyclone Plus pre-filter and filter combined
  • Zane Solar Gulfpanel
  • BriteStream Multicoloured LED lights
"Whilst highly effective in their own right, these products combined and operated in the right way enable pool owners to reach the highest levels of sustainability," says Goh.

"The benefits to pool owners are enormous."

For more information on the EnviroPro pool maintenance range, contact Waterco or visit their website.