The latest swimming pool heater to from Waterco Ltd is the Elecroheat. It doesn’t generate heat itself. It works like a reverse air conditioner, heating water instead of cooling air.

Heat is absorbed from the air, amplified via the compressor, and then transferred to the water via the heat exchanger.

Electroheat only requires energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor, using low amperage in the process. It is the most efficient means of heating your swimming pool all year round. The Electroheat produces up to five times more heat energy than the electrical power it consumes. This means that for every one kW of electricity consumed, the Electroheat delivers five kW of heat to the pool.

Features of the Electroheat :

Titanium heat exchanger

Commercially pure titanium is used in every Electroheat model. Titanium metal's corrosion resistance is due to a stable, protective, strongly adherent oxide film. This film forms instantly when a fresh surface is exposed to air or moisture. Titanium is resistant to chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, baquacil, bromine and salt water.

Powerful heat transfer

The unique design of the heat exchanger creates an unmatched and powerful heat transfer. It generates a high temperature differential between the water entering and the water leaving the heat exchanger.

Sturdiness and durability

The Electroheat is completely weather proof. This is due to the use of durable components, a weather-resistant protective coating, and extra sturdy ABS rustproof cabinets

Easy to operate

Simply program your thermostat to the desired temperature and let the heat pump do the rest. It will defrost automatically when needed and will automatically stop if desired temperature is reached or if water flow is cut.

Easy maintenance

The user just needs to clean the evaporator periodically, using a garden hose.