CUPREE Drinking Water Appliances  feature patented heat expulsion technology called Cupree Cool, a new and efficient method of expelling heat from the cupboard housing the water chilling appliance.

Heat removal is the most fundamental aspect that affects the performance and power consumption of water chilling appliances. The patented Cupree Cool heat expulsion system has addressed this issue with an efficient and whisper quiet Cupree Cool blower fan, that switches on and off in unison with the water chilling appliance's compressor fan.

Furthermore, the Cupree Cool system addresses the issue of unsightly cupboard door vents, which are also inefficient leaving hot pockets of air inside the cupboard. While door mounted vent fans may assist, they are not conducive to practical and aesthetic kitchen design. Cupree Cool's discreet kick panel vent can be colour coded to match the kick panel, and often the vent can be located out of sight in the refrigerator cavity.

Water cooled chillers were introduced to eliminate cupboard door vents, however water cooling results in valuable potable water running unnecessarily to the drain. Cupree air cooled chillers, with Cupree Cool heat extraction, eliminate this water usage.