Available Water Plus, Big Blue water filter systems have been specifically designed as a point of entry filtration system to filter water before it enters the home.

The bag filter is capable of removing sediments, dust and rust to 1 micron while the silver carbon filter reduces the risk of bacterial growth on the filter as well as improving the taste, odour and even the colour of the water. Big Blue bag filters are required to be replaced when the flow reduces while the silver carbon filter needs to be substituted every year.

These water filtration units provide important protection for water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines when using bore water and rain water supplies.

Big Blue point of entry water filters ensure cleaner water that will ensure softer clothes as well as prevent staining in toilets and sinks.

A single housing is also available to protect the filtration system from dust, sand and other sediments at point of entry.

For full advice on point of entry water filtration systems and their applications please contact Water Plus.