WFA Everpure  offers residential Water Filter Systems that provides clear, safe and tasty water. Potentially harmful contaminants are removed by Everpure Filtration Systems and spotless water is delivered from the tap.

Everpure Filtration Systems ensures a healthy lifestyle and up to 40 times finer filtration is offered by Everpure than other systems.

Everpure S-54 / WFA12 filters remove harmful contaminants like giardia cysts and cryptosporidium, off-tastes and odours, chlorine, asbestos, dirt and rust. Everpure S-54 / WFA12 should be changed every twelve months. Essential minerals and fluoride are not removed by Everpure Filtration Systems.

Filter cartridges from WFA Everpure are certified by NSF and approved by Australian Standards. These cartridges remove chlorine, bad tastes and odours, turbidity, dirt and cloudiness, giardia cryptosporidium, mould and algae, asbestos fibres, oxidised iron, oxidised manganese, oxidised sulfides and entamoeba cysts.

Precoat Technology of WFA Everpure is a special pleated filter membrane that is coated with Micropure which is a proprietary mix of powdered activated carbon. The systems are easy to service and install, resulting in reduction of costs. Replacement filter cartridges are available all over Australia.