WFA Everpure  supplies products that have been used in Australia for about five decades and it offers reliable and tasty filtered water to home-owners. The effect on the quality of life can be prevented by WFA Everpure products by reducing the effect of contaminated tap water on food and drink.

This is because WFA Everpure uses a precoat technology with the help of which ordinary tap water is turned into healthy water. This technology uses a combination of adsorption and filtration. Particles are removed down to 1/2 micron in size like microscopic dirt with the help of submicron filtration. Activated carbon is used for absorption of the molecules and tiny particles that cause bad odour and bad taste.

Drinking water systems from WFA Everpure are compact and can be installed easily below the kitchen sink. Quick changes, high capacity, commercial grade, durability, metal cartridges are features which enable high quality water. This makes it more economical than several high-priced bottled waters.

Australian Standards and NSF International independently certify the products from WFA Everpure and their performance. NSF International is a not-for-profit, internationally recognised, third party organisation with more than five decades of experience in certifying and testing products so that strict public health standards are met.