The HiFlow water filter by Water Filters Australia has been independently certified, and also carries a WaterMark guarantee which ensures customers they will always receive the best possible filtered water available.  The HiFlow filters are manufactured by Everpure Incorporated at Hanover Park, Illinois, who has the water independently certified by NSF International and also United Laboratories and can confidently say that all contaminates have been removed. NSF International and United Laboratories are recognised by Australian certifying bodies.

Through the testing of the HiFlow water filter, United Laboratories can determine that the water produced meets health and aesthetic (taste and odour reduction) standards, and that:

  • The manufacturers claims are true
  • Nothing dangerous has been added to the water
  • The system is structurally sound
  • The labels are not misleading
The WaterMark is a certification trademark by Standards Australia Limited and relates to water supply, sewerage, plumbing and drainage goods, and helping Australian consumers to be confident about the plumbing products to which the WaterMark is applied. The HiFlow Inline Mains Water Filter System has received a Level 1 WaterMark certification in 2008, which means the product is not also deemed a safe product, but also deems Water Filters Australia to have excellent quality management procedures in place.