The HiFlow tap accessory attaches to any tap which makes it versatile, relocatable and suitable for every home. Water Filters Australia has provided a 5 year warranty and the HiFlow tap accessory will filter 18,925 600ml water bottles in its lifetime. Undergoing tests and certification from NSF International, United Laboratories, and WaterMark, Water Filters Australia has received a high level of certification for consumer health and aesthetics (odour reduction and taste).

The HiFlow water filtration system is cost effective as no separate filter tap hole needs to be drilled during installation, also making it suitable for granite and stone bench tops. No separate filter tap is required and the HiFlow system connects directly to any mixer tap with both horizontal and vertical installation. It uses robust brass and threaded metal fittings to avoid corrosion, and flows at a rate of 8.3 Lpm at 250 Kpa.

In terms of water quality, fluoride is not removed during the filtration process, but giardia, cryptosporidium, chlorine, lead, limescale, bad tastes and odours are. There is a replacement alarm and the annual filter change is made easy with a bayonet fitting and do-it-yourself cartridge replacement.

Environmentally, the use of the HiFlow tap accessory reduces plastic bottle use and therefore reduces landfill waste. 11.355 litres of filtered water can be produced annually at 1 cent per litre. Finally, the HiFlow filter inhibits the build up of limescale and a ceramic disc prevents sediment entering the drinkable water.