The effectiveness of fluoride in drinking water has become a topical concern for Australian households. Water Filter Corp ’s domestic blackstone HomeGuard Whole of House Water Filter, with its ability to remove Fluoride from every tap and shower in the house, will give back control over the water supply and protection for families.

The decline in tooth decay in the U.S. has been attributed to fluoridation, and has been listed as great public health achievements. Initial studies showed that water fluoridation led to reductions of 50% – 60% in childhood cavities, recent estimates are lower (18–50%), likely due to increasing use of fluoride from other sources, such as toothpaste, and also the halo effect of food and drink.

The introduction of fluoride toothpaste has been suggested as the main reason for the decline in tooth decay in industrialised countries. Most countries in Europe have experienced substantial declines in cavities without the use of water fluoridation, indicating that water fluoridation may be unnecessary in industrialised countries.

Like vaccination and food fortification, fluoridation presents a conflict between benefiting the common good and infringing on individual rights. Customers can install a domestic Whole of House Homeguard Water Filter that has the ability to remove fluoride.