The days of safely being able to collect water off your roof in a tank and drink it are long gone and the same applies to the water that falls into dams

There is a saying, What goes up must come down and this is a very true saying with regard to rain water as it is the formation of rain that is the big washer of our skies as rain is the biggest accumulator of all that stuff that cars, industry and agriculture put into the air

No one has ever done a definitive study on the combination of the thousands of toxic chemicals that wash down from our skies with every rainfall and accumulate in our storage dams and rain water tanks

Fortunately, over time, much of these toxic contaminants drop out and settle into the bottom mud of dams or in the bottom of your tank but much does not and stays suspended or dissolved in the water

If your household water supply is not protected with a Water Filter Corp Whole of House Blackstone Water Filter you will then become the filter that removes these contaminants and stores many of them in your body tissue and bones.