The addition of Fluoride to drinking water has recently become a topical concern for many home owners.

The installation of a Water Filter Corp domestic Blackstone ‘HomeGuard’ Whole of House water filter with its ability to remove fluoride from every tap and shower in the house will give the back control over the water supply and protection for the family.

Water fluoridation operates by creating low levels (about 0.04mg/L) of fluoride in saliva and plaque fluid.

This in turn reduces the rate of tooth enamel demineralisation, and increases the rate of remineralisation of the early stages of cavities. Demineralisation and remineralisation is how fluoride exerts its major effect.

Fluoride also affects the physiology of dental bacteria, although its effect on bacterial growth does not seem to be relevant to cavity prevention.

Technically, fluoride does not prevent cavities but rather controls the rate at which they develop although it is the only well-documented agent with this property, it has been suggested that also adding some calcium to the water would reduce cavities further. Water fluoridation does not affect the appearance, taste, or smell of water.

In Australia, the recommended drinking water Fluoride level range is from 0.6 to 1.1mg/L that depends on the average maximum daily air temperature. The optimal level is lower in warmer climates, where people drink more water, and is higher in cooler climates.