Seal-a-crete, available from Walls and Floors , is a permanent penetrating concrete sealer. The Seal-a-crete concrete sealer has solved slip issues for new cool rooms, freezer rooms and mortuary at Auburn Hospital.

The Seal-a-crete concrete sealer fills the voids and porosities in concrete with a hardened gel to permanently internally seal the concrete without changing the concrete surface.

To increase the slip resistance of the cool room floor, it is a simple matter of wood trowelling the surface at the time of pour to the required texture for the slip resistance required.

In the case of Auburn Hospital, it was a R12 rating as per Australian slip resistance standards based on AS/NZS 4586. Unlike expensive epoxies, Seal-a-crete concrete sealing is economical, seals and hardens the slab for life, improves thermal resistance by up to 40% and with its antimicrobial additive kills Listeria, Golden Staph and E.coli.

A couple of light coats of Seal-a-crete Top-Coat to improve the appearance and cleanability and the job is done. Seal-a-crete and Top-Coat are completely non toxic and the concrete is trafficable within a few hours.