Walls and Floors  specialise in providing corner guards and wall and door protection products. Corner guards and wall and door protection products offer total protection for corners, walls and doors. The Australian made products are made of modified semi rigid vinyl and are specially made to absorb maximum impact. Corner guards and wall and door protection products can be easily cleaned and maintained and are available in customised colours.

Protect-A-Wall Corner Guards from Walls and Floors are economical and come with 3M D/S sided tape for easy installation. Corner guards are available in both standard and non standard sizes. The standard size measures 122 x 75 x 75 x 1.8 millimetres in thickness. U-shaped corner guards are also available.

Walls and Floors offer Protect-A-Wall Door Protection that does not scratch or dent from wheelchair or trolley impact. It is economical and a good substitute for stainless steel.

Walls and Floors also offer permanent concrete protection products for waterproofing, hardening and maintaining new and old concrete. The Seal-A-Crete range from Walls and Floors include primers, surface shields and top coats.

The Seal-A-Crete blocks hydrostatic pressure, removes contaminants and reduces dusting, pitting and cracks on concrete surfaces. It is non-toxic and compatible with all types of coatings and adhesives.

The Seal-A-Crete can be used in places such as hospitals, freezer rooms, bridges, dams, swimming pools, stables and dairies.