Acoustic fencing systems from Wallmark address the urban problem of noise pollution.  

Conventional walls and fences constructed from precast concrete panels and concrete blocks provide a limited degree of noise protection, since they only deflect sound.  

Easy to install, Wallmark’s new modular acoustic fencing systems feature acoustic fence panels designed to absorb sound, offering far more effective sound reduction than barriers constructed using traditional techniques and materials.  

Wallmark fencing panels incorporate an expanded polystyrene core sandwiched between sheets of fibre cement, the excellent acoustic properties of which help to deaden noise, achieving noise reduction that has been measured by NATA at up to 28 decibels.  

Wallmark modular acoustic fence systems are available in a choice of three ranges to suit diverse site requirements.  

The Wallmark acoustic fencing systems range:  

  • Dunewall is designed for walls and fences up to 5 metres high around commercial and industrial premises and is often used to build dust control fencing for construction and mining sites
  • Urbanwall prestige privacy walls are designed for urban sites including commercial premises, parklands and residential properties
  • Evowall, an economical modular fencing alternative offers fences up to 3.6 metres high to suit a variety of sites and wind regions
Key features of Wallmark acoustic fencing systems:  
  • Precision engineered modular post-and-panel concept with each component designed to fit precisely with other components
  • Multiple post height, size and configuration options to offer optimum noise protection, dust control and wind resistance
  • Modular panels fitted between metal posts create an acoustic noise barrier with a unique combination of strength and lightness
  • Requires only drilling of holes for the posts, eliminating excavation and trenching work
  • Can be installed quickly with minimal disruption
  • Sound barrier fences may be finished with weather-resistant coatings in attractive colours and textures