According to Wallmark , their modular fence systems, residential and commercial wall systems have become the number one choice of top builders in Australia.

Wallmark always guarantees that their products provide long lasting performance, citing that since their modular fence systems and other products are manufactured locally, they can be delivered much faster.

Furthermore, Wallmark says that their products are lightweight, ensuring that there will be no heavy and dangerous tilting that could cause serious accidents.

Key features and benefits of the modular fence systems:
  • reliable, well engineered, aesthetically pleasing designs
  • safe and easy to install
  • absence of masonry cracks allows movement in the ground
  • provides superior noise reduction
  • insulating qualities which means heat is not transferred
  • smooth wall surface that's easy to coat
  • materials used are fireproof and termite resistant
  • vandal resistant
Evowall, Urbanwall and Dunewall are sturdy, reliable and reputable brands available from Wallmark.

According to Wallmark, "we pride ourselves on designing top of the line products that are safe, quick to install and will look great for years to come."