Wallmark  recently launched Evowall, an innovative new product range of modular wall and fencing panels designed to reduce noise pollution around the home (by as much as 28 decibels).  

The range consists of a variety of distinct styles and designs for exterior and garden areas. Specifically built for the harsh Australian climate, these fencing panels are coated using high quality protective materials for warp, rust and dent resistance.  

Additionally, the composite fencing panels are constructed of a durable fibre cement outer that is built over a polystyrene centre. These components operate together to minimise unwanted neighbourhood noise.  

The Evowall range is designed not only with functionality in mind, but aesthetics as well. The fencing panels can be finished in a variety of paint textures and colours to suit different home designs and styles.  

The modular nature of the product also ensures seamless incorporation into a backyard or property perimeter, regardless of the size or shape of the area to be covered.