Wallmark  offers a range of fencing products that combine decorative screening with soundproofing capability.

When creating a front fence that shields the yard from the street, it is important to consider both the decorative as well as the privacy aspects. Many homeowners feel that a fence around the front yard will help to increase privacy around the home. For those living on busy streets or in noisy areas, using soundproofing fencing panels helps create a noise barrier while maintaining the aesthetic appeal as well the privacy.

Soundproofing panels are constructed specifically to reduce the level of noise that reaches the home from surrounding areas. Prefabricated walls such as these are also ideal as garden feature walls.

Featuring a modular design, the wall panels can be installed easily, slotting directly into the fence posts without any strip footing, which helps to create a seamless finish with no gaps, further enhancing the soundproofing capabilities. From a decorative perspective, the wall panels are designed to replicate the finished effect of a masonry wall without the hassle or the expensive price tag.

Key features of Wallmark soundproofing fencing panels:

  • Fence screening panels can be used to create decorative finishes
  • Pillars supplied with decorative capping between each panel
  • Low barrier walls with wrought iron or powder-coated aluminium fencing between pillars
  • Panels finished in a variety of textures and painted to suit any colour scheme or design preference