Wallmark presents an efficient noise barrier solution for commercial applications. 

Noise pollution is one of the harmful outcomes of rapid industrialisation, manufacturing, machinery, motor vehicles and transportation, all of which contribute to rising noise levels that can have damaging effects on a person’s cardiovascular health. 

Any business operation that deals with high frequency external sounds needs to have proper noise reduction systems in place. 

Wallmark has introduced specially designed modular wall panels that will greatly reduce noise levels in commercial applications. Suitable for construction sites or manufacturers, especially in or near residential neighbourhoods, Wallmark’s Evowall panel fence designs and modular wall systems provide cost-effective noise barrier solutions for commercial applications. 

Featuring a strong, lightweight aluminium construction, the new Evowall pre-engineered system can reflect sound while withstanding Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Evowall’s lightweight design eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment during installation, and also allows for narrower piers at the base, requiring less digging and concrete work.

Evowall is available in a number of styles with a variety of coatings and unlimited colour choices, with the modular panels creating a modern aesthetic look. The wall panels come in four options - Gust, Gale, Breeze and Flow - each offering excellent installation flexibility and an attractive gap-free finish.

Evowall modular acoustic panels act as sound barriers by intercepting and reducing sound within range of the wall’s shadow. The specially designed panels reflect noise and refract other sound waves along the edges, helping to reduce up to 40 decibels of sound to protect the workplace as well as the neighbourhood. 

Wallmark's lightweight and pre-engineered Evowall panels enable easy installation and can withstand harsh winds.

Wallmark is an Australian company that produces modular acoustic panel fencing and noise barrier solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.