The Trim-Tex, available from Wallboard Tools , is a range of PVC beads and accessories used by plasterers to create innovative designs.

The Trim-Tex range of PVC beads and accessories can bend and flex into almost any shape imaginable, the result being good-looking features in a fraction of the time involved with conventional methods.

The Trim-Tex range is the cost effective solution to many problems encountered when using traditional materials.

The Trim-Tex range of PVC beads and accessories is made from rust resistant PVC, meaning it is suitable for use in coastal areas exposed to damp, salty breezes.

Preparation and finishing time is significantly reduced due to the ease in which Trim-Tex items can be cut, sanded and painted. The Trim-Tex range is also impact resistant reducing normal wear and tear on corners and joints.

The Tearaway beads in the Trim-Tex range carry some added benefits. They act as a guide for taping knifes, while protecting adjacent surfaces like window and door frames from damage.

The Tearaway strip is pre-scored, so it can be quickly and easily removed after setting and painting, reducing clean up time substantially and giving a fresh, sharp look.

The Trim-Tex is available in a wide range of economical, practical and time saving profiles and suitable for plastering in the Australian environment.