RenderEdge  offers rendered edge solutions. Render starter trim from RenderEdge is designed as starting channel. This is used for quick installation of polystyrene panels. The extended back which is pre punched enables quick fixing to framing. The holes at the base assist with drainage systems. This render starter trim come with build size 2.5, 3.5 and 6mm. The length of render starter trim is 3 metre.

Render reveal trim from RenderEdge is used to create a pre finish for door and window reveals. The installation procedure of this render reveal trim is easy and quick. It is used for polystyrene surface application. The build size is 3.5 to 6 mm and comes with width size ranging from 40, 60 and 75mm.

RenderEdge offers rendering edge solutions through render window sill trim which come with perfect finish for sills in polystyrene for cladding situations. Smooth pre finish provides better surface and reduces the moisture content for paint and render applications. This render window sill trim is available in length 3 metres.