Wallboard Tools  introduces its new range of 1 hour and 2 hour fire rated access panels.  

Manufactured in Australia using high quality components and workmanship, the new fire rated access panels meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 1530.4 and the Building Code of Australia.   

1 hour fire rated access panels  

Designed to provide a simple and unobtrusive access solution, Wallboard’s 1 hour fire rated panels are available with a heavy duty flanged or set bead surround. These panels provide secure access to services where a 1 hour fire rating (FRL 60/60/60) is required.   

When installed, the fire rated access panels sit level with the ceiling or wall resulting in only a narrow opening around the laminated MDF face. Doors on all the panels are fitted with an Allen Key lock and secured to the frame by fully concealed hinges.   

2 hour fire rated access panels  

Featuring a laminated MDF screw fix face, the 2 hour fire rated panels also incorporate a 3mm gap between the door and heavy duty flanged or set bead surround.  

2 hour fire rated panels are designed for installation in walls and ceilings where full integrity and insulation criteria are required under fire conditions (FRL 120/120/120) without disturbing the overall appearance of the surrounding surfaces.  

While the calcium silicate core found in the panels is designed to maintain insulation and integrity, the laminated MDF face adds to the char value, increases the acoustic value and allows for easy painting.   

The intumescent strip around the edge is designed to expand up to 20 times its size in fire conditions and will close off the panel to the frame.