The BladeRunner, available from Wallboard Tools , is an easy to use hand held device that cuts both sides of most forms of 10mm plasterboard simultaneously, reducing cutting time by half. The BladeRunner also makes cutting arcs, shapes and corners a simple and hassle free process.

Users need to position the BladeRunner on the edge of the plasterboard with the board sandwiched between the two magnetic parts, and then guide the tool down the length of the board.

The BladeRunner’s concealed blades will score both sides at the same time and the section can be cleanly snapped away. The BladeRunner saves time and resources on site by achieving a neat professional finish twice as fast as traditional methods.

The BladeRunner is a simple means of helping to eliminate risk on site. The concealed blades are pushed away from the user while walking forwards, reducing accidents. Dust levels are also minimised, leading to improved safety.

The BladeRunner’s blades are easy to change and are available in convenient 6 or 12 pack. A specialised BladeRunner holster, which holds the BladeRunner tool and also the two spare blade cartridges, is also available. The BladeRunner holster helps in avoiding downtime.

The BladeRunner, replacement blade cartridges and the holster are available from Wallboard Tools.