Structural steel and precast specialist Wallandra enumerates the many benefits of using precast concrete panels in construction.

Wallandra delivers excellence in structural steel, precast and roofing systems for the warehouse, industrial and agricultural segments.

The 8 benefits of precast panels in construction projects:

1. Precast panels can be designed to handle structural building loads, minimising the requirement for other structural components, which reduces overall costs.

2. Efficient manufacturing of precast panels provides both cost and time savings for the end user.

3. Quick installation provides for significant operational efficiencies since there’s no need to wait for the panels to gain strength; additionally, precast panels are unaffected by weather.

4. Tightly controlled processes and plant environments ensure quality and uniformity of precast panels to the highest standards.

5. Precast panels have exceptional longevity, and are never at risk of deterioration, loss of strength or degradation due to exposure to sunlight or freezing temperatures.

6. Excellent insulation properties of precast panels deliver an important advantage in industrial and commercial applications.

7. Made from natural materials, precast concrete is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

8. Panels can be erected onto a steel frame, saving considerable time in comparison to the use of other materials.

Steel and precast panel systems

By combining precast panels and structural steel together, builders can achieve significant time and cost efficiencies. This package solution not only allows builders to minimise people and equipment on-site, but also better streamline delivery and erection.

Wallandra is currently developing a precast panel manufacturing plant, which on completion, will allow the company to more effectively deliver steel and precast panel systems in addition to design and construct building solutions.