Wallace Pumps has long been aware that private homes and commercial premises could only be built near to a main sewer system, and for properties below the sewer line it can become expensive to install a traditional concrete in-ground chamber with a submersible pump, concrete lid, cast iron inspection cover and high sewage level alarm warning system. In addition to this, there are ongoing negative aspects surrounding the storage of raw sewage and the maintenance of submersible sewage pump systems in confined spaces.

The Sanistar and Saniboy G compact sewage pump systems from Wallace Pumps are designed to overcome these pump system issues and simplify the process of collecting and discharging sewage and waste water into a sewer system that may be both above the discharge point and some distance away. These sewage pump system units can be mounted under a dwelling or in a mini chamber so that the waste pipes can discharge sewage by gravity into the pump system’s collection tank.

The advantages provided from Wallace Pumps by the Saniboy /Sanistar sewage pump systems over the concrete in-ground chamber sewage pump systems include:

- generally lower installation costs as minimal civil works is required

- compact size so that the sewage pump system is manageable by one installer

- powerful, high quality pumps capable of 30 metres head or flows to 24 litres per second

- multi-functional control box with alarm and BMS connections.

- sealed sewage collection tanks

- dry mounted pump/s for ease of inspection and maintenance

- optional extra pump giving duty / standby and dual pump operation for higher sewage inflows

- two year warranty

- monitor number of starts, operation hours and high level alarm signals

- LED for routine maintenance inspection times

Due to these advantages over concrete in-ground chamber sewage pump systems architects, builders and home owners are more frequently specifying the Wallace Pumps Saniboy and Sanistar compact sewage pump systems for their sewage and waste water needs.