Available now from Wallace Pumps , the Rain Main Auto is a tank water supply pump system with automatic change over to mains water in case of a low water level within the tank or a mains power failure.

The Rain Main Auto tank water supply pump system is designed to normally supply tank water by a pump and automatically changeover to a mains potable water supply should the water in the tank reach a low level or there is a 230V mains power failure.

The Rain Main Auto tank water supply pump system features a low level visual or audio-visual alarm indication that will send an alert when the tank water level is low, as sensed by a float switch installed in the tank.

When the water level in the tank reaches a pre-determined low level the float switch contacts close. At this point the low level LED will glow and an audio buzzer will activate (this can be muted if desired), and the 230V power supply to the pump will be disconnected to stop the water supply coming from the tank.

Following this the 24V AC power supply to the solenoid valve will stop, at which point the solenoid valve will open to supply mains water to the amenities. All conditions will automatically reset to their original state when the level in the water tank returns to normal and the float switch contacts are re-opened.

Rain Main Auto tank water supply pump systems are available for retrofitting to an existing ground mounted or submersible pump up to 1.1kW, 230V and 1Ph.