Wakaflex  introduces lead-free house flashings as an alternative to existing flashings that contain lead.

A recent report in the Sydney Morning Herald described the alarming levels of lead contamination in excess of safe levels in water tanks across the country.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, 16 per cent of households use rainwater tanks nationwide and 30 per cent of non-capital households use rainwater tanks.

Many home owners with water tanks are not aware of the risk lead flashings play in contaminating the harvested water from their roof. With harvested rainwater being increasingly used for grey water systems such as laundry and toilets as well as potable drinking resources, lead contamination poses a real heath risk to unsuspecting users.

Lead contamination from roof flashings can now be completely eliminated by replacing the existing lead flashings with lead free flashings from Wakaflex.

Wakaflex lead-free flashings are easy to use and a cost-effective alternative in all areas such as abutments, chimneys, Dutch gables and stepped flashings.

Wakaflex also supplies FlashTite, which can be used for replacing any roof penetration flashings.

Wakaflex and FlashTite are made from fully synthetic Polyisobutylene with an aluminium honeycomb mesh insert. This ensures that the flashings are completely non-toxic and pose no contamination risk to water collected from the roof or any health risk to the installer.

Weighing less than 25% of the lead alternative, these lead-free flashings are safer for builders and plumbers too.