Volker Haug  introduces three new pendant lamps to wrap up a great year.

2013 was a great year at Volker Haug as they moved into a new studio in Melbourne’s Brunswick East, launched their interactive new web store, hosted their annual showcase event, and made some spectacular additions to their lighting collection.

Chippy Pendant - 2013

Understated in volume, but captivating in its precise geometric design, Chippy pendant lights are made from an enamelled laser-cut stainless steel tube, and matching ceiling canopy. The Chippy comes with a choice of LED or halogen lamp, and is completed by a matching fabric cable. This slick pendant features intricately cut slices that intersect and overlap, forming a sharply hatched web of form and tone illuminated by blades of light.

Available in a number of finishes, this complex tubular pendant has a graphic boldness, which makes it a dynamic addition to the modern interior.

Balancing Act Pendant - 2013

The Balancing Act pendant demonstrates more craft than magic with a carefully counter-balanced design that appears to defy logic. Poised in mid-air, the lamp itself becomes the functional core of the piece rather than a source of hidden illumination.

The Balancing Act features a tubular banana filament lamp, carefully clasped and counter-balanced by finely crafted brass components, suspended from invisible cables that disappear into a corresponding ceiling canopy. The Balancing Act pendant comes complete with a choice of polished brass, bronzed, copper or chrome finishes with coloured fabric cable.

U.L.O Pendant - 2013

Volker Haug’s U.L.O. (Unidentified Lighting Object) pendant is a bright and bubbly little shade agleam in spun copper currents, rippling hypnotically outward in a pool of lustrous molten liquid. Featuring a minimalist design, the U.L.O is a striking solution for spaces where less volume and more bling are on the bill. This elegant pendant includes a matching canopy fixture, and comes complete with a Volker Haug lamp and coloured fabric cable of choice.