Vogue Shutters manufactures shutters from a unique vinylbilt polyresin compound that offers a host of environmental benefits.

These polyresin shutters have been designed for indoor and outdoor applications and are UV stabilised, meaning they will not blister, peel, or fade, even in the harshest Australian climate. They are not affected by wood destroying organisms, and because they are not painted they will never need repainting.

Thanks to their durable design, Vogue shutters have a long operational life which makes them a cost effective window shading option. They feature a macrocellular construction that creates dead-air insulation and the polyresin has low conductivity levels.

They are also fully adjustable which enables the user to control the solar energy entering through doors and windows. This will also help to control air conditioning and heating costs as they can be positioned to reflect the sun in summer and in winter they can be opened to enable the sun to heat the area.

Polyresin shutters are non toxic, meaning they are suitable for use in hospitals, schools, day care centres, and medical offices as well as nursing homes and clinics. They are also suitable for these applications as their non porous surface provides no haven for harmful organisms and will not harbour mildew, mould or mites.

More than 95% of the polyresin production waste can be granulated and recycled. Additionally, these polyresin shutters are formaldehyde-free and meet the low VOC (volatile organic compound) requirements as required by Greenguard.