VM Zinc Australia presents AZENGAR, a new zinc product featuring a rugged and matte surface. Available in natural, rugged, light grey tones, the zinc material has an engraved, uneven surface and has been eco-designed using an exclusive industrial process.

AZENGAR is a 100% zinc product that is easy to form and weld, fingerprint-proof, and 100% recyclable with a lifespan of 100 years. This zinc can be used on all types of buildings and all forms of roofing, with slopes ≥ 5%, and also as cladding in VMZ standing seam, VMZ flat lock panel,  VMZ interlocking panel, VMZ sine wave profile, VMZ overlapping panel and  VMZ Mozaik.

Since zinc is not affected by harsh conditions, it can be used in all types of environments.

In roofing applications, VM Zinc’s AZENGAR can be installed on continuous solid wood decking compatible with zinc as well as on non-compatible wooden substructures.

In a facade application, AZENGAR can be installed on flat or curved facades, or on the underside according to the installation methods of the system used; on continuous solid wood decking compatible with zinc for VMZ standing seam and VMZ flat lock panels; on a reinforced wooden or metal framework mounted on a plastered or concrete substructure for VMZ interlocking panels, VMZ sine wave profiles and VMZ overlapping panels; and on a reinforced aluminium framework fixed to a plastered or concrete substructure or to an auto-stable metal substructure that is air- and water-tight for VMZ Mozaik.

Compliant with the EN 988 standard, AZENGAR was developed using an eco-design approach at every stage in the design and industrialisation process, making it possible to reduce use of acids, effluents and water, as well as decreasing the number of manufacturing stages.