Award winning material, VM ZINC, from VM Zinc Australia , is an environmentally friendly titanium zinc product chosen by architects all over the world for roofing, facades, external cladding and internal applications.

With unique finish options, malleability, and a long life, VM ZINC is not only versatile but also the most environmentally friendly metal for building applications. In terms of energy consumption from ore to material, VM ZINC uses only one quarter of the energy of aluminum, and half of that of stainless steel and copper. VM ZINC titanium zinc building products are 100% fully recyclable and VM Zinc Australia recover and effectively use 95% of the material in numerous applications.

Zinc is such a natural material, that it is found in every living aspect of existence. Zinc is non toxic, highly durable and non-flammable, all features that should be essential considerations for public, commercial and residential projects.

VM ZINC titanium zinc building products have a long life span of 80-100 years, meaning the material does not need to be replaced on an ongoing basis. Another major environmental benefit is that VM ZINC is maintenance free, as it is not only corrosion resistant but self healing.

Architects can achieve their Green Star ratings effortlessly with VM ZINC titanium zinc building products, in fact of the handful of six star buildings in Australia, VM Zinc was the metal of choice for two; the Melbourne Convention Centre and SA Water.

The VM ZINC range of titanium zinc building products includes natural zinc, pre weathered QUARTZ, ANTHRA ZINC and the PIGMENTO range in blue, red and green.