Available from Viva Sunscreens , Solidux Series external blind systems are specifically designed to control heat and light penetration to buildings, thus improving living conditions while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Delivering optimum functionality and sun control performance, Solidux Series external blind systems achieve huge reductions in energy consumption and provide complete comfort no matter how extreme the temperatures are outside.

The Solidux Series of external blinds includes three types of system:

  • Screentex external blind systems - the most effective and discreet way of controlling heat gain without impeding view, these systems utilise architectural grade precontraint reinforced long-life sunscreen fabrics which are anti-static for easy cleaning
  • Veratex drop arm awning systems - designed to track the sun’s movement and suitable for all open out awning windows, these systems are manufactured with high quality aerofoil blades and are easily tilted to provide optimum sun control and privacy at all times with one touch of the switch
  • Quadratex privacy screens - offering sun protection and privacy with a clear design philosophy, less is better.
Key features of Solidux Series external blind systems include:
  • reduces heat entering the building by up to 90%
  • dramatically reducing air conditioning and energy consumption
  • manual or motorised operation, including hand-held remotes
  • sun and wind sensors
  • cntempory integrated head boxes to suit most styles of architecture
  • Dulux Powder coat colours or clear anodised finish.
These external blind systems providing maximum UVA and UVB protection and motorised systems are powered and controlled by Somfy hardware.

These external blinds are developed by an in house team at Solidux and as such the company guarantees long lasting quality and optimum functionality.