Vitrocsa Australia offers unique vertically sliding or guillotine panel windows.

The windows are able to open based on a counter-weight system, with the centre panel or the top or bottom panels opening, creating three configurations for the guillotine windows.

These vertical panels can be used as a walk through system where the panel can either slide up, or disappear into a cavity in the ground.

Which system is used depends on the panel sizes, thermal and wind requirements of a project.

Once the most appropriate system for a project is selected it can be modified to suit.

Frames for the windows are made from aluminium and stainless steel rollers which are powder coated or anodised.

Windows can come in mono, double and triple glazing and an individual sliding panel can be made up to 18m2.

Frames can be recessed, leaving just 18mm interlocks as evidence of an operable door. Tracks can also be embedded within the floor or ceiling for a truly frameless effect.

The guillotine panel windows have a range of accessories available, such as locks, handrails, motorisation and electric locking.