Vista Visuals Australia  offers a wide range of products that include training products, planning boards, whiteboards, cabinets, flipcharts, custom boards, directory and electrical whiteboards.

The cabinets offered by Vista Visuals Australia include corporate classic confidential cabinets, conference cabinets, horizon weatherproof showcases, insert boards, confidential cabinets and executive cabinets. The corporate classic confidential cabinets from Vista Visuals Australia can be used to store secret documents inside the cabinet. The confidential classic executive cabinets come with a commercial whiteboard on the inner surface and a pinnabe whiteboard on the front of the cabinet.

The insert boards from Vista Visuals Australia can be used to insert the diagrams and planes on temporary bases. This can be done without altering the original one permanently. The insert boards from Vista Visuals Australia come with lockable tabs and a Perspex cover with aluminium frame.

Vista Visuals Australia offers executive cabinets that has a stylish look and thus can be ideally used in boardrooms and conference rooms. This range of cabinets is lockable and it also comes with mounting brackets.

Vista Visuals Australia offers glass fronted notice boards that can be used for protected outdoor as well as indoor applications.