Vista System , an innovator in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), has recently supplied a system for Claude Neon Federal Signs for the Saint Francis Health System campuses in Tulsa, USA.

The customer chose Vista System as they required a durable, vandalism resistant sign system that is also easy to install and update.

The customer wanted an ideal, sturdy, turn-key sign package, which would hold up to possible vandalism and heavy traffic while being fairly easy to install.

The signs needed to be installed fairly quickly with a fast roll out for the smoke free campus. The customer needed a way to display their non-smoking policy and was afraid of the signs being stolen or vandalised. The combination of the fibreglass graphic panel with the Vista signs was the answer.

According to Claude Neon Federal Signs spokesperson: “Our challenge was the quick turnaround and the tight tolerances of mating the panel graphics to the Vista stanchion signs. It was a tight fit but further insures the security of the sign system. We did not encounter any problems. The process was fairly pain free and took about 5 weeks for a full installation.”