Vista System International  is a pioneer and world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) with an exclusive Australian distribution centre located in Sydney, NSW.

The company has launched a new line of suspended signs that are lightweight, easy to install and available at a low cost.

The double-sided suspended signs are assembled using two identical aluminium extrusions at the top and bottom with plastic or aluminum end caps on both sides. This unique construction makes most of the sign frames hollow and very lightweight.

Double-sided suspended signs are extremely easy to install and can be handled even by a novice. Two plastic clips inserted in the top extrusion are used for connecting the two hanging cables to the sign without tools. The clips are firmly secured to the sign extrusion by simply clicking them into place.

Suspended signs are modular signage systems that enable connection of numerous sections stacked one below the other to create a multi-panel sign system.

Vista System International’s new ceiling suspended signs allow the use of standard signage substrates such as vinyl, paper and digital prints. The signs can be updated easily as the substrates are simply inserted into the sign frame by flexing and popping them in position.