Vista Shutters & Awnings offers a few suggestions for homeowners planning to select blinds for their homes.

A perfect blend of functionality, convenience and style, blinds are a popular choice for window furnishings in any home. However, given the wide choice, one can get confused about the suitability of each blind style for a specific window application.

This article lists out a few factors to consider when choosing the right blind for the right room.

Getting to know the blind styles

Roller blinds are basic and beautiful, featuring a panel that rolls down to cover the window, and operated using a chain or motorised control. The panel may be sheer fabric for illumination or blockout fabric for room darkening. Alternatively, consider Vista’s unique DoubleView system that offers both fabric styles on one roller.

Venetian blinds are timeless classics, featuring horizontal slats that can be angled for light and privacy control, or raised all the way up to fully open the window. Vista's Venetians are available in timber, timber-like finish, fabric finish, aluminium or PVC.

Vertical blinds are a popular choice for covering large windows and sliding doors and work just as well for smaller coverings. Vertical panels rotate to adjust for light and privacy control with the whole blind opening neatly to one side. Vertical blinds are also great for adding the illusion of height to a small space.

Roman blinds offer a sense of casual elegance, and feature wide horizontal panelled fabrics that can be drawn up to raise the blind. Roman blinds are available in a range of styles including the Californian Roman, which combines exposed timber and fabric; the Kimono, a modern twist on an Oriental style; or the sharp and simple Sorrento Roman blind.

Drapefold blinds are vertical style blinds swathed in luxurious folds of fabric, combining all the benefits of blinds and curtains. Drapefold blinds provide excellent insulation and privacy control.

Panel blinds feature wide panels that glide smoothly over one another and stack neatly to the side. Panel blinds are a brilliant choice for covering large areas.

Cellular blinds feature a durable polyester material formed into a honeycomb-like structure to combine excellent insulation properties with a clean modern design. Vista's cellular binds are available in double or single cell systems.

First define your aesthetic

Different styles of blinds will contribute to a different look and style in any room. Where roller blinds and Venetians deliver a versatile, neutral look, drapefold blinds offer a luxurious soft look, while panels and Roman styles are good for casual settings, and Venetian blinds for a classic effect. With Vista's huge range of fabric choices, colours and accessories, the entire range of blinds can also be simply adapted to suit any preferred style.

Consider what the blind will cover

Panel and vertical blinds are recommended for covering large windows or sliding doors. Roller blinds are suggested for smaller areas; even narrow panel blinds such as Venetians can be considered.

Match the blind to the room

Based on the specific room where the blind will be installed, one can choose the blind style and material. For wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, moisture resistant PVC or timber look foamwood Venetians are excellent choices.

Chains can pose a hazard in rooms frequented by children and pets. All of Vista’s blinds are child- and pet-friendly; however, consider a wand system such as panel blinds for added peace of mind. Vista's motorised option featuring an automated system can be controlled by remote or integrated into the smart wiring system of the home. Electronic automation is available on a range of blind styles.

Think about eco-friendly choices

Eco-friendly window coverings go a long way in energy savings. All blinds offer some level of thermal insulation with cellular blinds leading the list by trapping warm air inside the honeycomb structure to keep the room warm in winter, while polyester fabric shields the window from heat and glare during summer. Aluminium venetians are a great choice if heat needs to be reflected from the window area.

Consider maintenance and upkeep

Ease of maintenance is a key factor when choosing blinds for the home. Choose products that are simple to clean such as blinds with washable fabrics and easy wipe surfaces. Consider a PVC or timber Venetian for quick cleaning while the Ventex fabric Venetians with their acrylic antistatic material are also a great choice to minimise dust.

Think about light control

If the blinds are required to provide adjustable light control, consider vertical blinds, drapefold blinds or Venetians. A sheer fabric option is a great choice if natural light and unobstructed views are key objectives while providing full window coverage. Blockout fabrics can be chosen for room darkening. Vista’s DoubleView roller blinds or double cell cellular blinds offer the best of both worlds.

Consider your privacy

Sheer fabrics allow a room to be flooded with softly diffused natural light while protecting views and privacy. An adjustable system such as Venetians or rollers is a smart choice if both light and privacy are sought at the same time.