The new vertical garden system available from Vista Concepts is facilitating a more efficient way to create green walls in various residential and commercial environments.

Space can become a major challenge in urban environments; vertical gardening concepts such as green walls offer a smart way to introduce greenery in limited spaces. An empty wall, access to natural light, a water inlet at the top of the wall and a drainage outlet at the bottom are the basic elements needed to start off your vertical garden. Internal drip irrigation lines will ensure each plant is watered effortlessly.

Vista Concepts has introduced a vertical garden system featuring a modular and flexible design that incorporates all of the above features. The modular design of the vertical garden system allows vertical or horizontal expansion in small as well as big gardens, covering compact areas, curved walls and even freestanding structures. Since the drain lines are inbuilt, there’s no need to install a complicated drainage system for the vertical garden.

With the vertical garden system from Vista Concepts, you will have all the freedom to arrange your plants in creative patterns based on colours and shades. You can even refresh the look of your vertical garden periodically by shuffling the planted pots and creating new planting patterns with the same plants.

Simple and easy to maintain, a vertical garden system can be installed indoors or outdoors very easily with minimal framework.